Effects of Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency is a medical treatment based on the emisson of high frequency electromagnetic waves. These waves penetrate the dermis which allows production of heat that will stimulate fibroblastes – the cells that produce new elastin fibres and collagen. At the same time, this warmth produces a slight withdrawl of the exisiting collagen fibres.

This non-evasive technique allows us to profoundly treat the skin by stimulating the production of new collagen whilst improving the firmness of the skin. Immediate effects: the skin is visibly more vibrant and firm. The elastin will continue to improve over time.

Advantages of Radiofrequency

  • Painless
  • Indolore
  • No social exclusiveness
  • For all types of skin
  • Without anesthetic or special preparation
  • Suitable for all parts of the body: Face, ‘squashed’ impression of the cheeks, eye area, neck, chest.
  • Can be treated all year round.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to imorove the elasticisiy of their skin, wake up a tired-looking, sagging face.

Not recommended for pregnant women or those with a pace maker.

How the treatment works

  • Make-up removal
  • Stimulation of the collagen and warming of the dermis
  • The impression of a warm shower followed a light rash (which quickly disappears)
  • The skin is rehydrated, relifted and rejuvenated.
  • Each zone takes 12-15 minutes.

Post treatment

During the weeks following treatment, thanks to the Radofrequency waves, the skin’s collegene is multiplied. The treated zone becomes more firm and rejuvenated.

Frequency of sessions

4 to 6 sessions, with 7-14 days in between each session are necessary for the first treatment.

Following this, one session every 1-3 months for maintenance. In some cases, this treatment is combined with other treaments in order to have more effective and/or more rapid results

At home

Prolong and improve the effects of radiofrequence sessions by using:

Dietary supplements which have a firming effect on the skin.

Cosmetics with a lifting or hydrating effect

Our treatment suggestions

Espace is dedicated to the well-being of patients, using the solutions of aesthetic and regenerative medicine. Our treatments are based on the latest technologies, being minimally invasive, they restore everyone’s youthfulness.

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Nathalie D,

My skin has changed and has become luminous and smooth again thanks to the peeling, mesotherapy and radiofrequency sessions. Skin is much more unified. Dr. Delets is very professional and gentle. Thank you very much. She has a very good follow-up and is available.

Marie F,

Dr. Delets is very attentive, friendly and professional. Everything is very well explained. Her office is very pleasant and you feel good there. I would definitely advise the doctor whether it’s for aesthetic or anti-aging issues.

Sophie S,

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