Hyaluonique acid injections are a treatment of choice for aesthetic medicine.

These are used to fill nasolabial folds, bitterness folds, facial ovals and wrinkles in a very natural way. It also helps to reshape lips that tend to become thinner and wrinkle around the edges.

What is hyaluronique acid

As a result, the skin becomes dry and weak and wrinkles start to appear. The hyaluranique acid that is used in fillers can be found as a transparent gel, not overly harsh, which can be used as . The amount of crosslinking ensures that the product has its effect of adding volume

More and more anti-age cosmetics using Hyaluroniqe acid can be found on the market.

Are there any contraindications to hyaluronic acid injections?

As a precaution, AH injections are not performed on pregnant or breast-feeding women or those with allergic reactions or certain auto-immune, inflammatory, or Hepatitis C illnesses.

Advice before and after the injection

  • Avoid aspirin or anti-inflammatories in the 4-6 days before injections to minimise the risks of bleeding.
  • Avoid medicine with a vitamin C or E base, or those with ginkgo biloba.
  • avoid sports in the 2 hours following injection
  • avoid exposure to the sun if there is post-injection bruisin
  • avoid vigorous face massages in the 24 hours following injections
  • avoid saunas or hammans in the 24hours following injections
  • avoid anti-inflammatories in the 4 hours following injections

Side effects

Immediately following treatment, a light redness on the skin may appear. This is normal so there is no reason to be alarmed about and is normal. This redness will disappear within 2 days or so.

At home, to prolong the effects of an injection

Using hyaluronic cosmetiques prolongs and increases the effects of injections. It is advised to use these cosmetics between hyaluronic injections as they have are both hydrating and have an anti-wrinkle effect.

Are acid hyaluronic capsules beneficial as a complement to such cosmetics and/or injections?

As a complement to acid hyaluronic injections and in order to optimise the effets of an anti-wrinkle cream, food supplements are now available on the market. These supplements aid in both deeply hydrating and tightening the skin.

Our treatment suggestions

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