Lips – mouth
Well-defined lips, harmonious in their volume, are a key element for a pleasant and youthful face. With age, lips become dehydrated, less fleshy, thinner and with vertical fine lines.

By lips, we mean :

the white lip, which starts at the base of the nostrils…
the red lip (vermilion) on the mucosal side
the contour of the lip (the hem).
Appearance of vertical wrinkles (wrinkles of the solar pleat)
Whether you eat, talk or drink, your mouth is in perpetual motion. These repeated muscle contractions are responsible for the progressive appearance of expression lines around the mouth, on the white lip. These wrinkles are even more accentuated and appear earlier in smokers or during heavy sun exposure.

Bitterness folds and drooping corners of the mouth
Bitterness folds are oblique folds that run from the corner of the mouth down to the chin. The appearance of bitterness folds is rare before the age of 40. It is linked to several factors: bone loss due to age, loss of fat at the corners of the lips, depletion of collagen and elastin fibres, loss of skin thickness. These phenomena are amplified by sun exposure and smoking.

Pilosity of the lips
With age and due to certain hormonal disturbances, especially at menopause, hair may appear on the lips and chin.

The fight against lip ageing involves :

a rehydration of the red lip
As soon as the first signs of aging that affect the red lip, injections of hyaluronic acid into the red lip will moisturize the lip and restore volume.

a revitalization of the white lip
Mesolifts of the white lip will be performed to keep this area properly hydrated. A hyaluronic acid-based topping of the area between the base of the nose and the mouth can also be performed to densify this area.

an attenuation of the vertical fine lines around the edges of the lips
A few injections of hyaluronic acid will plump and moisturize them and thus erase vertical fine lines.

a possible slight increase in lip volume
A lip that is too thin or that pinches over time can be remedied by increasing its volume a little but discreetly by injecting hyaluronic acid directly into it.

What to do at home
It is important to adopt good reflexes very early on by using suitable cosmetics and taking vitamins and antioxidants in capsules.

In prevention
Some of the most effective prevention measures include limiting sun exposure and quitting smoking.

Our treatment suggestions

Espace is dedicated to the well-being of patients, using the solutions of aesthetic and regenerative medicine. Our treatments are based on the latest technologies, being minimally invasive, they restore everyone’s youthfulness.

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