The look
Dark circles, bags and wrinkles around the eye
The eye contour, together with the lip contour, is the most fragile area of the face and requires special care to erase dark circles and puffiness and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The skin around the eyes is particularly fine and fragile and fine lines quickly appear under the effect of the natural blinking of the eyes (more than 15,000 times a day) and muscle contractions during expression (such as laughter or under the effect of brightness).

Slower skin microcirculation results in poorer drainage and signs of fatigue such as dark circles and puffiness.

Your anti-aging physician will combine different aesthetic medicine techniques to improve this area of the face. He or she will also advise you on the choice of anti-aging cosmetics to use at home.

Dark circles

Dark circles can be either hollow or coloured. In both cases, they make the eyes look tired.

Hollow dark circles:

With age, the tissues slacken and fat tends to melt away. This is particularly visible under the lower eyelid area where the melting fat creates a hollow that accentuates aging and gives the face a tired look.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers can be injected directly into the dark circle and often also into the cheekbones and the valley of tears (the area under the dark circle that joins the cheekbone), to restore fullness and therefore youthfulness to the face.

The colored circles:

The treatment of the coloured ring is more complex because there are several origins to the colouring.

A blue-violet dark circle is due to the fact that the vessels and muscles are visible under the very thin skin of the lower eyelids.

A brown ring is related to hyperpigmentation of the skin of ethnic origin. The doctor may do a depigmenting peel and will advise the regular application of a depigmenting cream.

Wrinkles around the eye
The eye contour is an area that is rapidly affected by ageing because the skin is very thin and fragile. Expression wrinkles gradually appear:

crow’s feet wrinkles: at the outer corner of the eye

the lion’s wrinkle: between the 2 eyebrows. It hardens the look

the wrinkles under the eye, at the level of the lower eyelid. They make you look “tired”.

These wrinkles can be erased by injections of botulinum toxin which will relax the contraction of the muscles responsible.

These wrinkles can also be smoothed out by injecting hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkle. Laser or peelings can also be considered.

And to increase skin tone in this particularly fine and fragile area, bipolar radiofrequency sessions can be performed.

At home, it will be advisable to use cosmetics specially adapted to the eye contour that will moisturize these fine lines.

Bags under the eyes
Often hereditary, bags under the eyes become more pronounced with age. The main cause of these bags is water retention or fat deposits under the skin of the lower eyelid, associated with sagging skin. In addition, lack of sleep, fatigue or stress can aggravate this phenomenon.

Fat pockets

The eye is surrounded by fat which allows it to rotate easily in the orbit. This amount of fat varies from person to person, but this fat can slip out to fill the lower eyelid, creating an unsightly pouch. These small fat sacs can be surgically removed. This is called blepharoplasty.

To enlarge the eyes, an injection of hyaluronic acid can be proposed at the level of the eyebrow arch. This technique will make it possible to raise the eyebrow slightly and thus open the eye and thus the gaze.

We can also propose a very light injection of botulinum toxin at the level of the tail of the eyebrow in order to raise the latter. This will provoke the famous “doe’s look”.

Our treatment suggestions

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