Sagging skin
Skin sagging is a sign of time that can be reduced without surgery. Several techniques can be proposed and combined:

Bipolar radiofrequency
Bipolar radiofrequency is a very effective method for reducing sagging of the skin on the face (periorbital area, oval of the face), neck, décolleté and certain parts of the body (stomach, arms, inner thighs). It tightens existing collagen fibres and stimulates their long-term growth, giving the skin a firmer, tighter appearance. It also helps to reduce certain fine lines and wrinkles.
Bipolar radiofrequency is painless, requires no skin preparation and can be used in all seasons and on all skin types. It requires about 6 to 8 sessions at 15-day intervals, followed by monthly maintenance.

Photomodulation by LED lamp
Photomodulation by LED lamp is a technique derived from the laser but using cold light that is not aggressive to the skin. It combines perfectly with bipolar radiofrequency and other anti-aging treatments (peels, wrinkle filling, photo rejuvenation by intense pulsed light, mesolift, etc.).

Photo rejuvenation by laser or flash lamp
Photo rejuvenation is a strong light technique to treat, correct and improve skin texture and pigmentation.

This technique uses laser devices or flash lamps that deliver a light that heats the dermis. It is precisely this effect of thermal elevation that is sought because it will lead to two types of changes:

-the complexion will become more even and luminous: fine lines, redness and brown spots will fade.

– Deeper down, the heat will stimulate the production of collagen by the fibroblasts, allowing the skin to be tightened and become firmer. As the sessions progress, the production of neo-collagen increases.

Photo rejuvenation is mainly indicated for the face, décolleté and the back of the hands.
It is important not to expose yourself to the sun for at least 3 weeks before the session and for one month afterwards.

At home

It is advisable:

to make cures of 3 months of food supplements having an action on the elasticity of the skin.

to make scrubs (fruit acid peels) once or twice a week to stimulate cell renewal and thus promote collagen synthesis.

Our treatment suggestions

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