Neck and neckline

The neck and neckline are particularly fragile areas, especially for women.
Horizontal wrinkles and sagging skin will appear on the neck. Vertical wrinkles will appear on the décolleté, starting between the two breasts, then rise and flare like a fan towards the clavicles.

These wrinkles are due to the normal aging of the skin but can be aggravated by exposure to the sun or by the position during sleep (on the side or the stomach).

Next to this, the décolleté area being a very sun-exposed zone, the skin becomes thin, wrinkled, brown spots will appear as well as redness (couperose and erythrosis), this is called bust helioderma.

The ideal is to combine several techniques of anti-aging medicine:
Mesolift consists of multiple small injections of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid combined with anti-oxidant vitamins. It will have a tensor and rehydrating effect, and will therefore be ideal in preventing the appearance of wrinkles, on existing wrinkles and after prolonged sun exposure.

Hyaluronic acid injections
Sometimes it will be necessary to complete the mesolift with injections directly into the wrinkles of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid that will erase the wrinkle. The benefit obtained will be maintained by mesolifts.

Bipolar radio frequency
Bipolar radiofrequency sessions may also be recommended by your anti-ageing doctor. This will have a tensor effect on this area. Indeed, with age the skin of the neck and décolleté tends to become thinner and slacker. The production of collagen and elastin must be stimulated.

Laser and flash lamp

For a re-tensioning of these areas and an attenuation of brown spots and redness.

In prevention

Among the most effective preventive measures for the neck and décolleté, your anti-aging doctor will advise you:

to limit sun exposure and tobacco intense and deep hydration through mesolift.

the practice of microneedling, a technique that increases the absorption and deep action of the active ingredients in anti-ageing creams.

Our treatment suggestions

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