Oval of the face

With time, the skin is thinner and slackened, fat tends to disappear, the facial contour is less clear. As a result, the oval of the face is less toned, less well drawn and “cheekbones” appear.

The injection of a filler will allow a clean mandibular line to be redesigned. This product will be hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, which are powerful collagen boosters. There are of course other products available.

If the slackness is important, tensor threads can be a very effective solution for a non-surgical “lifting” effect.
For a better result, bipolar radiofrequency, focused ultrasound, laser or flash lamp sessions will greatly help to tone and redensify the skin at the oval level.

At home

Some of the dermo-cosmetics on offer today have such active ingredients that they can effectively moisturize the skin and prevent the signs of time.


Some of the most effective preventive measures to keep skin firm are:

– avoiding anything that degrades the skin’s elastic fibres (intensive exposure to the sun’s UV rays, oxidative stress and glycation).
– Moisturizing the skin with mesolifts and moisturizing and lifting cosmetics.
– to have a good hormonal balance.
– to stimulate the skin mechanically through the microneedling technique.
– provide the essential nutrients necessary for the production of collagen (omega 3, vitamins A, C, E, silicon, magnesium, etc.).
– to stimulate the collagen of the dermis through radiofrequency sessions and peels.

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