Cheekbones and cheeks, redrawing

Volume and brightness.

With age, tissue loosens and fat tends to melt. This is particularly visible in the cheekbones; as they lose their volume, they accentuate ageing and deepen dark circles. The injection of very volumizing fillers (based on highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid) into the deep dermis restores roundness and thus youthfulness to the face. The effect is immediately noticeable and lasts for about a year and a half. In some cases, tensor threads can also be an excellent indication for replacing tissues with a lifting effect.

Associated Treatments

This injection can be completed by a mesolift and a peeling which will restore radiance to the complexion.

At home

The use of dermocosmetics based on hyaluronic acid is recommended. They will act as a complement to hyaluronic acid injections and, thanks to their strong moisturizing power, will smooth and improve the skin of the cheekbones.

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